As a diverse industry provider the PEAQ Group has the ability to support and deliver specialised services in a range of Market Sectors. Each sector uses a unique set of requirements for success, and PEAQ has both capacity and expertise to fulfill these in the following areas.

Major Events

The Event business plays an important role in boosting economic and social benefits to the Community.

  • Events/Security Guard and Management
  • Emergency services
  • Monitoring and Response
  • Traffic controllers
  • OHS & Risk Assessment

Commercial & Residential Property

Owners of Commercial Property zoned for multi-use are highly interested in protecting and managing their assets. PEAQ assists property owners in this commitment.

  • Owner’s Cooperation support services
  • Facility, Contract and Security management
  • Building management services
  • Emergency management
  • Residential, Commercial building and Retail Security 
  • Building Caretaking services

Data & Communications

In today’s world, digital transmission and computer engineering underpin all general business models; our company offers the right resources and assets to ensure the smooth running of your internal data engineering.

  • Enterprise software and legacy systems
  • Desktop and Mobile applications
  • Server and Network support; manual and automated testing
  • Database management
  • Project management services with web-design, hosting and SEO service


The Security sector has become an integral component in protecting valuable assets and maintain profits. This is now a broad-based requirement, and is one of the leading market sectors in Australia.

  • 24-hour operations centre, CCTV and Alarm Monitoring and, Virtual security. Patrol Cars and Guardhouse security
  • Static Guards for residential and commercial sites
  • Emergency services
  • Hotel security, Education facility security, Hospital and Aged Care security, Construction Site security

Industrial & Manufacturing

As Australia’s economy continues to grow and expand, the Industrial and Manufacturing sector is also evolving. Along with this growth are the mandatory labour services needed to progress this advancement.

  • Administrative and professional services
  • Horticulture and viticulture
  • Skilled labour
  • General labour
  • Forklift drivers
  • Industrial and Trade staff
  • Mining and Resources labour hire
  • Manufacturing and Construction labour
  • Warehouse and Logistics staff